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 schyler to be mod!

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schyler to be mod! Empty
PostSubject: schyler to be mod!   schyler to be mod! EmptyTue Mar 08, 2011 2:39 am

Why I should become moderator:

Well I have been with the server for a year now ; I know all of the commands, and when new players come searching for help I will help them even if they are being rude to others or myself. Lots of players also know who I am and if they need any help they will either send me a pm or come and find me. Anyone who sends me a pm will receive a reply though it may not be immediately.

Ways I have helped players:

I know what its like being scammed and it's not the best thing so i like to help players in making sure they get their items back and get back into the game .
I am almost always being ask the prices of items and i usually always have a reply! I have helped people transfer over 15t to their account and have earn't their respect.

About me: I am 14 years old, and am in the 9th grade
I have become very wealthy throughout my time with Yanillescape.
I LOVE to help other players.
I am usually on failscape for more than 18 hours a day during weekends and as soon as i get home from school i am on until 11:30 pm at night.

Why me: Alot of players have been asking me if i have aplyed to become a mod on Yanillescape and have also told me i should. I know most of them wont or does not do what they have or will claim. I think I could have many players agree that whenever I am asked a question I help them,or do the best of my abilities to meet their needs. I help every player who asks me or asks in yell. I didn't always want to become a moderator, but I remember the first day I played Yanille four players helped me. I always play by the rules!

What will I do: I will do what i do everyday on Yanillescape! Just because i will have a crown beside my name, it dosnt mean i wont merch or level up my skills . But, if I become a moderator I could do everything I have already doneI never thought I was fit for the job, but I am positive now, that I am ready and will do the best job possible. I have many GREAT! friends and Love this game!

Contact Infomation: My Msn email is Chuckboy22@hot....
and my skype name is BjP6.
My in game name is schyler

Please vote in the comments section and give me a thumbs up or a vote out of 0%-100%. Thank you for reading my application.
yours sinserly
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schyler to be mod!
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