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 How you Should Appeal to a Ban/Mute.

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PostSubject: How you Should Appeal to a Ban/Mute.   Fri May 21, 2010 6:05 pm

These are pretty much rules, so follow them. If you disobey any we will ask you to edit your appeal or it will be ignored and deleted.

~Do not multi-post. This causes spam. And all posts regarding the same appeal will be ignored and deleted.

~If your were banned or muted, state who banned or muted you and the reason why they did this. If you say you don’t know, we can’t help.

~No flame posts! if you do these, you will not be unbanned or unmuted, and your appeal will be deleted/edited.

~If you have any complaints, DO NOT POST THEM HERE. That is for the Report a User section. If this happens, your post will be deleted or moved.

~Make a detailed description of what happened. It is essential, in case these staff members are abusing.
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How you Should Appeal to a Ban/Mute.
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