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 Guide to Reporting a User.

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Guide to Reporting a User. Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Reporting a User.   Guide to Reporting a User. EmptyThu May 20, 2010 8:46 pm

You realize this is your chance to help out the server, and possibly get a good application in the future, which will help you get a staff position one day.

The question is, "How will I report a user with NO proof?!"

This is your guide to doing just that.

Now, you are wondering how you will get proof. Well it's pretty easy, of course. It's similar to going to court. The jury are the staff members, the judge is the owner, and you're the one persecuting the law-breaker. Well, you've obviously seen some television shows about court rulings, and you should know how it goes:

The more proof you have against the defendant, the better.

Here are some ways to get some proof regarding idiotic law-breakers. (Post at your own will!)

~Picture it. You seriously want this guy gone, out of the server. This is one of the best ways to make him "disappear." Take a screenshot!

~Make a series. You want something to be remembered about? This is your chance. If you have a hypercam, use it. You will catch users doing the wrong thing all the time! Video these law-breakers!

~Stand-by's. This isn't the best way, but people who can proof your accusation are helpful when you have no other proof to lean on. Witnesses!

~A trustworthy soul. You may have forgotten to run your hypercam, or didn't press the screen-taking button at the right time. Or didn't have any witnesses to rely on. You may have nothing to turn to but the trust people have in you. If you've helped this server numorous times by catching these peoples, and have no proof but your own story, the server's players are bound to believe you. Non-fiction, anyone?

I'm hoping this will help you guys with any "report-a-usering" you may have! Remember, liers die with their lies! So make sure you never lie about your fellow peers!
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Guide to Reporting a User. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide to Reporting a User.   Guide to Reporting a User. EmptyFri May 21, 2010 2:52 am

:L, Gj Jamehhhh <3
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Guide to Reporting a User.
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